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Model Displacement Num of cyl Engine Desc Transmission Drive System
RANGER 2WD 2.3 4 Auto(A5) RWD
RANGER 2WD 2.3 4 Manual(M5) RWD
RANGER 2WD 4 6 Auto(A5) RWD
RANGER 2WD 4 6 Manual(M5) RWD
RANGER 4WD 4 6 Auto(A5) P
RANGER 4WD 4 6 Manual(M5) P

Small Pick-up Trucks 4WD - Ford RANGER 4WD
City MPG Rating


Highway MPG Rating


Combined MPG Rating


User's Average MPG Rating --- Miles Driven By Users
City MPG Rating (sticker)
Highway MPG Rating (sticker)
Combined MPG Rating (sticker)
Unadjusted City EPA MPG 17.917 Unadjusted Highway EPA MPG 24.590 Unadjusted Combined EPA MPG 20.410
Engine 4L 6 cyl Naturally Aspirated 2 valves per cyl
Fuel Type Gasoline (Regular Unleaded Recommended)
Transmission Auto(A5) Automatic
Drive System P

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