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How Do I Add A Friend In My Friends?

We have recently received following question from our fellow user: How Do I Add A Friend In My Friends?

Since there may be other people who have the same question - we are posting our answer here:

To add a friend please log in, then go to user details page and there will be a "Add to Friends" link at the top right corner of user profile (next to green plus sign).

Now you may ask - how to get to user's details page?

The easiest way to get to friend's details page is through their vehicle's page - there is owner link at the top right corner of every vehicle details page - so just follow that link. Your friend can email or IM you link to their vehicle's page, or they can post a "Hi all" message in new member area and you can find them though there too.

We will research options to make that owner link on vehicle's details page stand-out more.

Folks, have a great day and drive safely!


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