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moved to a new car

So after a lot of thought, research, and a few test drives, I traded in the 2005 Honda CRV for a 2013 Toyota Highlander.  I knew that I'd lose some MPG, and I have, but I've lost surprisingly less than I thought.  I'm regularly getting 20-22mpg in the Highlander, and even at it's peak, the CRV would only get 24-26mpg.  So yes, I'm seeing a gap, but the tradeoffs have been worth it in vehicle space (interior), power (V6 vs. the tiny 4 cylinder in the CRV), and comfort (much, much, much quieter ride).  So now my CRV records here will slowly grow musty and out of date (I'd kind of fallen off the recording wagon around Xmas 2012 in any event) but I'm working to track MPG on the highlander from the very beginning.  The highlander has a mileage computer, too, and it seems to be close (if not exactly) to the figures I am calculating after fillups.


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