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#1 2008-09-09 14:33:01

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New Tires

I am running on some unmatched tires that seem to be running to their end life.  Does anyone know what affect new tires can have on gas mileage.


#2 2008-09-11 15:56:47

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Re: New Tires

I think new tires will give you a better grip so you should definitely see some improvement in your MPGs, although I don't have any numbers to prove it.
Also make sure your tires are properly inflated, that for sure will save you some gas, I can tell from my personal experience when driving a car and also I can really feel it when riding a bicycle.


#3 2011-07-02 21:32:22

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Re: New Tires

I think if change your tire and fex the new one U can drive smoothly and if gribs the road easily. When you fix you should keep in mind that the tire should be good. It will save also the MG.
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#4 2011-07-06 22:20:39


Re: New Tires

Older tires will little to no tread cause a vehicle to work harder which ultimately causes the vehicle to burn more gas. Newer tires lead to a vehicle working less hard and ofcourse with low rolling resistance tires nowadays - vehicles can offer the maximum gas mileage possible. Click here to buy your next see of  []new tires[/url]

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