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support team
2016-03-23 15:04:31

Dear Jerry Bacon,

I've found and looked at our backups from November 2015, September 2013 and even May 2011. The first maintenance record for your motorcycle is dated on August 5, 2013 in any of those backups (of course it does not exist in 2011 backup).
There is maintenance history for your PT Cruiser going back to 2004 in all backups.

We never had a data loss on our site, and all the information I found pointing that this is not the case neither.

Support @

support team
2016-03-22 19:54:43

Dear Jerry Bacon,

We do have backups from a year and 2 years ago, so I'm going to take a look at those and see if your motorcycle's maintenance history is there, and if it is - I'll restore what's missing.

I'll report back within a day with my findings.

Support @

2016-03-22 19:33:08

The maintenance history on one of my vehicles - my 2000 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic Softail - has mostly disappeared. I have been regularly entering data since before 2008, the date my profile says I joined, but I have been using this software since long before that.

The fillups are properly recorded, although only going back to 2009. The Maint History only goes back to 2013. It has been logged properly for a very, very long time, but is no longer there. What has happened?

The maintenance history on the other vehicles I have on this site seems to still be there correctly, one of them, my 2004 PT Cruiser, going back to when I purchased the car in 2004. Why has the data on the motorcycle disappeared? Can it be recovered? I have relied heavily on this site for proper maintenance history recording, but now, I don't trust it. Please help.

    Jerry Bacon

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