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support team
2012-07-23 14:38:49

Dear jwrcow1,

To delete a vehicle please go to my account page, click on modify vehicle link next to vehicle photo,  and there is a delete button on the bottom of the vehicle details page.

There is also Active check box on vehicle details page, if you uncheck it and save - your vehicles would not show up on my account page, but can be accessed from dashboard if you want to keep them just in case.

Thanks and have a great day!

2012-07-21 13:57:21

How do I remove old records of vehicles?  I have two cars that I need to delete, because they have been traded in.

support team
2011-04-18 18:58:14

Dear Civic,

We have updated export functionality to include all values we have on the fill-up form into export file.
The code changes have been applied to our site. Please feel free to give it a try.

Thanks and have a great week!

support team
2011-03-29 13:32:28

Dear Civic,

Thanks for pointing this out. We will add miles per fill-up column to the export file.

Thanks again and have a great day!

2011-03-29 01:39:26

When I export my fill-up history to a .csv file, the miles per fillup column is not there.  The Mileage column is there, but I don't record that.

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