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2010-02-19 10:40:16

thank you very much for your assistance.  This website is really a cool idea and works out great for me.


support team
2010-02-18 22:40:28

Dear David,

Thank you for reporting the problem.
Have you entered fill-up on 02/16/2010 before entering one for 02/10/2010? Did you have to modify fill-up details like date of the fill-up after you added it?

Our site is fill-up date-sensitive as people sometimes forget to write down mileage on the receipt but we can still calculate average MPG for 2 or more fill-ups in this case.

I've just updated both your fill-ups in question starting from earlier one and MPG values came back correctly.

Please let us know if you see the problem again.

Thanks and have a great day!

2010-02-17 13:58:08

My Last 2 fill-ups show as follows:

318 miles 7.901 gallons = 20.124 MPG?
352 miles 9.217 gallons = 20.563 MPG?

It looks to be about 1/2 what the math says it should be.  Please advise.


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