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support team
2009-10-02 19:35:41

Dear mgmcguire,

We have added an option to select partial fill-up on the mobile fill-up form.

Thanks for you suggestion and have a great weekend!

2009-09-29 14:14:10

Thanks for the updates. It looks and works great.

I do have one more suggestion for mobile access. There's no option to put a partial fill-up on the mobile version; I guess the system assumes it's always a full fill-up and does the MPG calculations as such. Is there a way to indicate a certain fill-up is not a full full-up so all the other info is updated, but we don't get wrong MPGs? Thanks again!

support team
2009-07-20 21:04:17

Dear mgmcguire,

Thank you for your suggestion.
We have added a private and public note and vendor fields to the mobile version of fill-up form.

Thanks and have a great week!

2009-07-16 16:13:47

I'd like to possibly have a feature when I'm updating from my mobile phone to include a 'note' about that particular fill-up. For instance, if I'd like to keep track of mileage on my truck with the tailgate up then tailgate down, I could make a notation in there as to which one it is, etc. Can also use this when you perform a maintenance task on the vehicle. Say, I changed spark plugs and want to make a notation, etc.

Thanks and it's a great site! I've been letting all my friends know about it.


[edit] - Just realized there's a public/private note section on the website, but not when I update via mobile browser. Would it be possible to add that?

Also, there's no option to add the vendor when updated via mobile browser. Thanks again!

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