What are the ways to record my fill-up?

There are 3 easy ways to record your fill-up

1. Write down your vehicle's mileage on the gas station receipt and when you are home - login to mpgtune.com and record it. If this sounds like too much work - read on

2. If your cell/pda phone has Internet access - you can record your fill-up right from your phone by logging to mpgtune.com while you still in your car at a gas station.

3. If your phone does not have Internet access - you can still record your fill-up from your cell phone right from gas station.

Just send us SMS to number 32075(*) with following message: Mpg 12345 3.299 12.599 - where 12345 is miles on vehicle at the time of fill-up, 12.599 is number of gallons and 3.299 is a price per gallon you paid.

To easily input all the numbers you can use # instead of space and * instead of period (.). In the case of the message above instead of Mpg 12345 3.299 12.599 your may type Mpg 12345#3*299#12*599

Please make sure you put space after word Mpg. Also letter case does not matter for word Mpg itself, you can type Mpg or mpg or MpG or mPg, and any other way you can come up with...

We recommend you add number 32075 as MPG Tune contact to your cell phone contact list to make it easier. You already have plenty of numbers to remember, you don’t need one more, do you?

(*) We do not charge you for sending us SMS, but your wireless carrier may charge you a fee per each SMS sent or received based on your plan, be sure to check your plan first.